Did you make a Successful Covid Business Interruption Claim?

Was your claim initially denied until the Supreme Court ruling?

We believe you're owed a further substantial settlement.

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Salmon Assessors is a leading firm of insurance claim assessors in the UK. We represent policyholders in their negotiations against loss adjusters that insurers employ to pay the lowest minimum settlements. As public loss assessors, our sole function is to ensure that we achieve the highest possible settlement for our clients. We only represent claimants…never insurance companies.

Our business model for BIClaimBack is "No Further Settlement – No Fee". Our family-run business has been in continual operation for 40 years. We have been registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since its inception under reference 321958. Before that, we were registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) since its inception. Please check the hundreds of Salmon Assessors reviews on various independent review platforms to see how we have performed for others over many years.


  • Did you eventually make a successful Business Interruption (BI) claim against your insurers because of the result of the Supreme Court Appeal?

  • Did you inform your insurers or brokers that you wished to make a BI claim within a few months of the first pandemic lockdown (25th March 2020)?

  • Were you told by the insurer or your broker that your claim wasn't valid and was to be challenged and heard in the High Court?

If your answer to all three of the above questions is "Yes", then BIClaimBack will hopefully be of financial interest to you.

BIClaimBack has an irrefutable argument that any business that made a successful BI claim relating to the Covid lockdown, precisely because the Supreme Court ruled in their favour, should be entitled to a further substantial payment. In short, any insurer who was party to (or relied upon) the High Court and Supreme Court litigations mistreated their policyholders. Those policyholders had a proper and legal expectation to believe that they could commence their business interruption claims at the precise time that they knew of the extent of their probable losses.Claimants rightfully expected those to whom they had paid a healthy insurance premium to become their financial "safety net". Conversely, their insurers often created a "pandemic of financial fear" amongst their policyholders and families. They had to wait an inordinately unreasonable time for the Supreme Court decision to find out their businesses and their livelihoods would now be saved from possible financial ruin.

BIClaimBack believes that a financial apology is due to all of those 370,000 businesses who had to rely upon The Supreme Court judgement.